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About Our Firm

A law firm motivated by morals, not money

At Reignite Legal, we are committed to defending and advancing the legal rights of individuals and small businesses in Australia.

Our team has been providing free legal advice for over a year with funds donated by concerned citizens. Too many Australians struggle to find affordable, reliable and honest legal representation. We offer that, and it’s time to share that service with the country. 

To date we have been honoured to assist employees across a range of industry sectors including mining, retail, higher education, and other private enterprises all across Australia.

Throughout 2022 we were highly successful in obtaining favourable results through the Fair Work Commission conciliation process whereby 50% of claims were able to be settled at conciliation, or shortly after, with settlement pay-outs of up to 13 weeks of the employee’s gross salary.  These pay-outs have ranged from $26,000 for long-term full-time employees and on average $2,500 + for part time employees.

With Reignite Legal we will continue to assist individuals and small businesses by providing a comprehensive legal service during these uncertain times, and we endeavour to consistently strive to go above and beyond to identify the most effective legal strategy to achieve positive real-world outcomes for our clients.

At Reignite Legal you can rest assured that we are 100% on your side. We work for you; in the interests of justice, fairness and equality before the law.

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What our clients can expect:

  • Ready access to their lawyer;
  • Concise, practical and realistic legal advice;
  • Active support in times of stress;
  • Accurate and reliable cost estimates;
  • Excellent network of referral services; and
  • Information as to progress of their matter and changes to the law generally.

Our Core Services

Employment laws are often varied and amended, making this a complex area of law and keeping up to date can be challenging.  We will provide practical and effective advice in a way that makes sense.

  • Representation in the Fair Work Commission, IRC’s and Courts
  • Unfair dismissal proceedings
  • Redundancies
  • Advice on Awards, workplace rights and policies

We believe that the best approach to dispute resolution should be proactive and personal. We will endeavour to get to the crux of the dispute and advise on the most sensible course of action that not only resolves the issues but also empowers.

  • Competition and consumer law
  • Complex contractual disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Employment disputes
  • Product and professional liability claims

No matter what the charges or issues are, we understand that it is important for you to get the best possible advice before the Court date, because of the potential adverse effect upon your future.  Our team will advise you with confidence and clarity on Court processes and outcomes in a wide array of legal matters. We will advocate to best protect your legal rights. 

We can help you to prepare your evidence and arguments and we can represent you in Court or Tribunals.

  • Preparation of preliminary advice and prospect of success
  • Representation in all of the Courts*
  • Pre-hearing conferences in the Magistrates Court

*May be subject to the availability and permission for appearance via audio visual link at the Court