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I want to also thank RDA team as well, may the Lord bless all of you for making a difference in the world to stand for truth no matter the cost we all know truth always prevails, is just a matter of time. I believe that God is on the side of truth. God bless 🙏 ❤️
I have just read your argument that you sent to the commission today and I’d just like to say thank you so much for putting that together for us. It was absolutely brilliant, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Reading it has touched me in some way and I am just so grateful to have you on our side’
Thank you and your colleague for all of your support, it is so appreciated. I was very overwhelmed, and it took some time and assistance to wrap my head around everything. Your reassurance has been invaluable after what has been a difficult 9 months wait. All the best to you and thanks again x
I'm not sure what we would do without RDA and all you amazing people working tirelessly behind the scenes
Thank you for the help and your expertise in this matter. I'm very grateful
Thank you for your assistance and support in this matter